APUG Working Groups

APUG Working Groups are formed to address specific issues and/or activities as identified by the network. Working Groups draw on the collective experience of the members and subject experts where appropriate. 

Given the dynamic environment in which members of the APUG network operate, Work Groups will change over time as new areas of interest emerge.

Performance Benchmarking & Procurement Transformation:

Status: Open

Working Group Objective:

To develop and deliver a comprehensive suite of Procurement related benchmarks, measuring performance, process efficiency and other such learning that assist the APUG members to identify opportunities to improve their individual work practices.


Members can measure their performance and benchmark this against each other to assess their relative performance and identify examples of good practice to support their internal development programmes.


11 key performance Indicators are regularly measured and collated identifying industry trends and enabling the members to benchmark their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Building on the KPIs, APUG members have developed a model for comparing their relative procurement approaches and capabilities that influence their overall performance covering their Strategy and Organization, People and skills, Processes and Use of Technology.

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